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New Patient Medical Marijuana Evaluation and Certification


Compassionate DISCOUNT – New Patient Medical Marijuana Evaluation and Certification

(Applies to VETERANS, patients on disability, and hospice patients)


renewal for Zen health established PATIENTs or other PREVIOUSLY CERTIFIED CT PATIENTs


Pre-appointment medical records review by the physician (optional)

  Provided For Free

Friends & Family Referral discount

Receive $15 OFF your next Certification Appointment Fee for every new friend or family member we see at REN Health for any of our services (this person has to specify your name at the time of their appointment for the discount to apply; effective April 25, 2017)


*Note: If you are unsure whether you need a certification appointment, ZEN Health also provides medical marijuana physician consultations where you can:

  • determine if medical marijuana is the right choice for you or for your loved ones, even if you or they reside in another state or country
  • determine how medical marijuana can help alleviate your symptoms and improve or heal your conditions
  • learn about therapeutic effects of various constituents of the Cannabis plant, including Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids (over 800 constituents have been already discovered)
  • understand the main differences between cannabis strains (over 1,000 strains have been cultivated to date)
  • discuss any related questions you might have about medical marijuana, including the benefits and risks of its use, guidance with dosing and routes of administration, potential interactions with foods, herbs, and medications you take at present (cannabis interacts with over 400 medications).