Eg Manning sails is 1 gold an hour and Manning a cannon is 1 gold per .5 hours. I think the crew silo is great, but wasnt expecting it to be so big and tall. The main goal for you and your crew should be to build a small base — shipyard so you can build a ship and having friends to help speed up the process is neat. All rights reserved. A party (named company in Atlas) can be made by inviting a player to your Company. Is there a way to salt fish … r/PlayAtlas is a fan community for Atlas, the giant MMO pirate game from Grapeshot Games! Atlas is currently on v8, which is our best version yet (still biased). Archived. Ka-Atlas, we just hit 15,000 likes on our facebook page and the numbers are still keep going up! The food larder doesn't preserve food for nearly as long as I'd like. the left click and right click doesnt seem to respond what so ever is what im getting at tho, like i press it and nothing at all happens... Thankfully at least the auto fire works. © Valve Corporation. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Buy an NPC, Press E on him and set him to follow u, take him/her/person back to ur ship. You can help ATLAS Wiki by expanding it. 1.7 an hour for each. This is also changed by crew accomadations on ship and passive skills in captoneering tree. Bola is one of the Weapons in MMO Atlas.Bola is/isn't a craftable item.Weapons are used to deal damage to Creatures and, in some instances, other players. Now that tax banks will be able to receive goods, how about the crew get their food/payment from that as well as … Press J to jump to the feed. Buy an NPC, Press E on him and set him to follow u, take him/her/person back to ur ship. The game is currently in early … You can hire Crew Members from a Crew Recruiter in any freeport for 5 Gold Coin. Your crew will auto fire, or you can hold right click to aim at target and left click to fire. Cooked prime meat and fish. They do the sweeping animation with or without a hammer, and I can't seem to get them to actually repair while doing it either way. Will the NPC crews on ships pull food from a preserving bag? The food larder doesn't preserve food for nearly as long as I'd like. Crafting Crafting Time 5s Crafted in Smithy Ingredients The Feeding Trough can be used to auto feed your tamed creatures if they are nearby. You can hire ten at a time if you have the gold. User account menu. Can be crafted in a Smithy after acquiring the skill Taming Tier 2. For those Atlas Feeds User we feel and appreciate your support, so we thank you for being our customers! Today, we cover how to get crew members in Atlas. Atlas MMO is a party focused game. Go to feed. Fill the item with the type of food you wish to feed to your tamed creatures, i.e. If you don't have it you also should have a Food Larder to feed them and maybe a Preserving Bag to make the food spoil slower ... At least that's what I usually have for my ships when anchored. Our aim is for our crews to fit seamlessly into your company’s structure, to adapt to your working methods and practices, and to carry out all tasks assigned as quickly and as safe as possible. Build your ship, assemble your crew, sail the high seas, search for buried treasure, plunder player-built settlements (or replace them with your own), and conquer the world of ATLAS island by island. It doesn't require Preserving Salt . This puts down a Food cabinet called a mess, for the hired crew of your ship to eat, so they don't starve and keep their health up while on your ship. It also says make a food table and ship resource chest to feed and pay them. Question. 2. Atlas Crew Ltd supply high quality build crews specialising in temporary structures, scaffolding, and event construction. Atlas Crew logs to Discord. All ten? Is there a way to salt fish / meat, and if so how? I was just throwing veggies and fruits in there, but lately have been making hard tack and the salted meats. They need the equivalent of a feeding trough in ark. I'm assuming NPCs can do this... hopefully. The "Basics of Crew" Skill, found within the Captaineering Discipline, is useful for players looking to: Basics of Crew Effects & Bonuses Bring him to the object u want him to use (Wheel, Sails, Cannon), and press E again, click on something like "Use Cannon". I'm confused about a couple of things on crew members. Relative Bearing While most ship navigations do not follow negative bearings, for the simplicity of this game, this guide will follow the bearings provided in-game. Seems a touch tough for smaller groups who might not be able to log in with that frequency all the time. The Crewmember is an NPC who can be recruited to join the Crew on your Ships.. NPC or AI Crewmembers can be assigned to various tasks, from manning the Sails or Cannons or repairing the Ship.. How to get NPC Crewmembers. Wage war against enemy fleets while you single-handedly command large ships of war -- or divide the responsibilities among your trusted shipmates instead. Claiming an area will allow you and your crew to build whatever you want on it. 1 Overview 1.1 Breeding Mechanics 1.1.1 Preparing Mating Mating Requirements Mating Range 1.1.2 Mating Mating Wait Interval 1.1.3 Incubation Managing Temperature 1.1.4 Gestating 1.1.5 Claiming 1.1.6 Caring For Babies 1.2 Avoid the cold 1.3 Avoid the heat 1.3.1 Sterile Creatures 1.4 Times for Breeding 1.4.1 Breeding Tier 1 1.4.2 Breeding Tier 2 1.4.3 … Feels like, as it is, I'll need to log in every 18 hours to make sure all the food doesn't despawn. As an aside, is there a way to order crew to repair a vessel while in a fight? Only ten level 1 crew members can be in any Company at a given time. could someone link something that is indepth or explain to me how it works for food, sails, cannons, repairing and what ever else it comes with. On top of that, we roll out updates almost constantly, with extremely fast bugfixes and almost no downtime. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Crew in MMO Game Atlas refers to the team of people a Captain forms around themselves in order to sail their ship efficiently.While it is entirely possible to man a ship entirely by oneself, players may find it easier and more enjoyable to hire on people to help. Question. Press J to jump to the feed. A better food source than meat, that takes a long time to run down? Basics of Crew is available for players to unlock within the Captaineering discipline skill tree.. About Basics of Crew "Gives access to crafting a number of basic crew-care items." Salted meat and hard tack, they last longer. Log In Sign Up. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Our History. Rentals start at US$5,000, while complete systems can be purchased for $55,000 and up. Everyone loves playing in a party and you should too! Curious as to how others are tackling this. Crafting Skill Tree Construction & Mercantilism Prerequisites Esotery of Building Crafted in Smithy Ingredients Added in v209: "New placeable land structure 'Crew Resource Silo' which allows storage of food and gold to feed crew". Cant feed taming I cant seem to be able to feed animals once bola , sats to push e to feed buty noything happens, have the correct food and are in the right position, am i missin g something else Showing 1 - … We have a very clean and extremely fast web dashboard allowing for instant customisation on the fly. If you wish to hire more this way, you will need to level them past level 1 in order to free up slots. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Our Services. Before Crew Quiz With Crew Quiz; Consistently ranked bottom of 4th Quartile with DEP performance of all utilities: Improved to lower second quartile: 93.9% calendar year DEP average: Raised DEP from 93.9% to 97.6% (in less than one year) Had a formal corrective action to analyze root cause of poor DEP: Ranked #1 in DEP for this plant's fleet Crew in a Box is already in use by a number of major US television networks. Close. The Food Larder increases the spoil time of food items by approximately 4x. Technology, Gear & Gadgets By New Atlas. Again if you have 10 ships, which ship do you put it on? Be careful, though - if your AI crew members are not paid on time, they may start a mutiny against you! You have to equip them with the sword or pike. In Atlas you are going to be able to command a massive trade network, see the world, chart its seas: defeat enemies and uncover their secrets in order to rule over a vast empire. Camping By New Atlas. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Different jobs cost more. If you cant afford the extra crew then just unseat … raw meat for carnivores, berries for herbivores Food placed in the feeding trough decays 4x slower. Now im torn between the places to put it without it standing out. Posted by 1 year ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I had a perfect place to put it, but because it is on ceilings over water it wont place as it needs to be on/over the island. A big thank you goes out to everybody who helped us reach this new milestone. The fastest things in the world. For some reason will only accept berries as a food source. Bring him to the object u want him to use (Wheel, Sails, Cannon), and press E again, click on something like "Use Cannon". After you buy them from the freeport guy how do you assign them to a ship, lets say you have 10 ships how does the crew know which ship to go? I dunno if the npc will eat it but chicken eggs have a long spoil timer. Atlas Crew logs to Discord. Curious as to how others are tackling this. Crewmember is one of the NPCs in MMO Game Atlas.. About the Crewmember. I've just put in an assortment of stuff, like milk from our cows, berries and meat. Crew ID: Password: Login Please swipe your card to log-in: Forgotten your password? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sail the seas in a dinghy or a galleon - the choice is yours. Anywhere from … To auto repair the ship, give him a repair hammer and have him doing nothing. Crew Members can be obtained in two ways. Different weapons have different attack values, and are therefore more or less effective. In order to get the crew members you need you'll need to sink Ships of the Damned to rescue the prisoners. In this video, I go over the basics of NPC crew so you can switch them between cannons on your ship in Atlas. There is a food larder under Captaining... but the problem is, a full stack of meat lasts 40 minutes per meat, or 120 hours total for the stack. Microdosing mysteries: ... By New Atlas. ok great thats perfect, how do i control the guy on the steering wheel? Atlas Crew. Press J to jump to the feed. how do i get them to auto repair and harvest? ATLAS. Tech Reviews and Comparisons By New Atlas. Ships and Crew for MMO Game Atlas covers details about the ships you can build and command, as well as the crews you can form.. Autos By New Atlas. More of this sort of thing: Atlas Basic Starter Guide (Tips for Beginners) Atlas Skills Guide so i can put swords in their inv and they will use them? r/AtlasPC: The Sub-reddit for the game Atlas and its PC players, a cutting edge survival MMO by the creators of Ark. There is a preserving bag in the game, which you put salt in and it preserves food. 2. Your ship can be anything you want it to be, with each plank and sail exactly where you want it. I'm not sure if you can preserve it, but it should last long enough for you to get a days worth of idle food for them, right? Welcome to Ark Atlas, the new game from Studio Wildcard, the creators of Ark Survival Evolved! The second way to obtain Crew members is to defeat Ships of the Damned. The officers get the good stuff. Basics of Crew is one of the Skills in MMO Game Atlas. If you look at your crew on your ship it will tell your there cost per hour. (Put weapon in NPCs inventory right click weapon and Click equip).